When No One's Watching

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Greatness is born when no one’s watching.

It’s when you choose to stay in on a Friday night to write melodies and lyrics instead of partying.

It’s waking up earlier than you’d like so that you can get in your most important creative work before all of your other commitments hijack your attention.

It’s choosing to go to a coffee shop to read a book that will expand your mind and inspire you instead of binge watching TV.

It’s choosing to put yourself and your work out there even when you’re terrified. 

It’s watching YouTube videos on vocal warm-up exercises instead of spending hours looking through other people’s social media profiles.

It’s in the quiet moments of contemplation when you focus on your goals and measure your progress.

It’s in all of the moments where you choose growth and mastery over immediate gratification.

When you learn to love those moments and create habits out of them, success will be yours.