Know Yourself So That You Can Transcend Yourself

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Know your strengths and spend a majority of your time exploiting them.

Know your weaknesses and spend the rest of your time improving upon them.

Knowing your limitations is the first step to transcending yourself.

Unfortunately, many refuse to see themselves as they are.

One way of seeing yourself as you are is by recognizing your patterns and paying special attention to those situations which keep repeating themselves in your life.

The goal is to have enough self awareness to see the mistakes that you keep making and taking steps to correct them.

Your only limitation is yourself.

It’s not the economy, the current state of the music industry or your upbringing. 

While those things play a role in your story, they don’t define you.

Only you define you.

Only you can work on yourself today to become a better version of yourself tomorrow.

Know yourself so that you can transcend yourself.