Beliefs Become Reality

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Your beliefs determine your reality.

The beliefs you held a year ago determined how you saw the world, which determined your actions (or lack thereof) which brought forth your results today.

If you believe that you can achieve your goals, you will take bold action toward achieving them and when you fall short, you’ll find a new way to achieve them because you believe you can.

Compare that to someone who doesn’t truly believe that she can achieve her goals.

She might take tentative action and will likely quit the moment she encounters an obstacle.

Your beliefs cut both ways: they can be your greatest ally or they can be your worst enemy.

So what determines whether or not your beliefs are limiting or empowering?

Your self-talk.

Your self-esteem.

What you allow into your mind.

The level of support you receive from those closest to you.

Notice how nothing listed above is set in stone - they can all be changed.

You can change your beliefs by changing how you talk to yourself, how you perceive yourself, what you allow into your mind and the people you surround yourself with.

That’s the beauty of beliefs - you get to choose what you believe which will determine what you do which will ultimately bring forth your results.