The Secret to Creative Liberation

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There’s a simple secret to creative freedom.

When you remember this secret, you’ll immediately lose your inhibitions and get on with the work of creating powerful, authentic art that comes from deep within your soul.

We are all often so worried about what others will think of our art and even more importantly, of us as people.

So much of our mental energy is spent stressing out about what others will think, energy that should be spent throwing ourselves into improving ourselves, becoming masters at our craft and creating.

Here’s the secret to creative liberation: realizing that no one really cares.

Everyone is so consumed by their own lives, their own drama, their own dreams, their own needs and their own fears that they rarely ever think about us or what we create. 

Think about how little you think about another person’s song.

You take a moment to listen to their song and if you like it, great.

If you don’t like it, you simply move on with your life.

You don’t sit down and spend days and weeks thinking about what they did well, what they didn’t, why they did what they did and judge their value as people because they created something that might not have resonated with you.

Instead, because you’re so consumed your own life, you move on very quickly and never think about it again.

So that’s the secret to creative liberation - remembering that no one cares nearly as much as you think they do.

When you remind yourself of that fact, you allow yourself the freedom to express your true self, unchained by the false assumption that other people care so much about what you create.

Remember this: there will be people with whom your art will resonate and those with whom it won’t.

For those with whom your art doesn’t resonate, they don’t care, so why should you care about their opinion?

Therein lies the secret to creative freedom.