Accountability is the Key to Artist Empowerment

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The moment you look outside of yourself to explain why you aren’t where you want to be is the moment that you lose your power.

When you blame circumstances outside of yourself to explain why you haven’t achieved what you desire, you severely limit your potential.

It isn’t the economy.

It isn’t your childhood.

It isn’t the fact that your parents aren’t executives at major record labels.

We live in a society where it’s fashionable to complain about how hard it is, how the odds are stacked against us and to talk more about what others are doing than to actually do the work required to make our own dreams come true.

If you aren’t where you want to be, the answer can be found in only one place: the mirror.

To change your circumstances, you have to change yourself.

And the only way to change yourself is to take 100% responsibility, to be 100% accountable to yourself for your results.

I believe in our unlimited power to create the lives that we desire. 

We give away that power each time we blame others or blame our circumstances.

You have the power, own it.