The Art of Becoming

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Artist empowerment isn’t about reaching a destination, it’s a continuous process of becoming.

Becoming the best version of yourself.

Becoming better today than you were yesterday.

And repeating that process, every single day.

When you realize that your big goal is just a milestone along your journey to becoming, you can allow yourself the pleasure of celebrating all of the small wins along the way.

There’ll be good days and there’ll be bad days.

Celebrate the good days and learn from the bad days.

When you take a moment to really feel a sense of accomplishment for the small wins along the way, you’ll not only feel a tremendous sense of momentum, you’ll also enjoy the journey a lot more.

You can’t climb a 20,000 foot mountain without first climbing 1,000 feet.

When you reach the first 1,000 feet, don’t forget to celebrate the fact that you just climbed 1,000 feet and are well on your way to the mountaintop.

Be patient with yourself and be kind to yourself.

It’s a long journey and you deserve the pleasure and self-love that comes with celebrating your small wins.

Put together enough small wins and you’ll soon find yourself living the life of your dreams.