You Can't Please Everyone (So Stop Trying)

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There’s no such thing as a piece of art that’s loved by everyone.


Because everyone is different.

We all have different tastes, desires and dreams.

As such, trying to create art that everyone will love will likely result in a watered-down work of art that lacks authenticity and emotional resonance.

Instead, strive to create art that comes from deep within your soul.

That’s the difference between art that resonates that art that doesn’t.

Art that resonates has something real behind it.

Art that resonates wasn’t created to be loved by everyone.

It’s art that comes from a deep place, crafted by real craftsmanship that has been developed over years of hard work.

The empowered artist isn’t trying to please everyone.

The empowered artist has a point of view to share.

She’s liberated in knowing that her job is to create real, authentic art that matters deeply to her and to work equally hard to build an audience around that work.

Everyone else’s opinion doesn’t matter.