The Most Important Question You Can Ever Ask Yourself

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The most important question you can ever ask yourself is:

What do I want? 

As simple as it sounds, figuring out your answer to this question is so important because so much of what you get out of life will be the result of your answer.

And arriving at your answer is never easy because most of our ambitions have been shaped by those around us.

Another way of asking the question is, “What’s MY ambition?”

The word “MY” is the most important part of the question because it forces you to go deep inside yourself and figure out what lights YOUR fire.

Not what lights your parents’ fire.

Not what lights anyone else’s fire.

Not what the media tells you should light your fire.

What lights YOUR fire?

Only when remove all of the expectations and desires projected upon you by outside forces will you be able to authentically and truthfully answer the question: what do I want?

When you find your answer, your life will change because you will no longer be limited by other people’s or society’s expectations of you and you can start the beautiful work of building YOUR life around YOUR dreams.