Habits Over Willpower

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Willpower is a finite resource with diminishing returns - the more you use your willpower, the less willpower you have left to use.

As an artist, if you rely on your willpower to push you to create, you’re gambling. 

Sometimes your willpower reserves will be enough to get you going but more often than not, your tank will be empty.

There’s better way.

This way will take more discipline for a few months but it will eventually make your life a million times easier.

This is the way of choosing to create productive habits instead of relying on willpower.

Once learned and repeated, over time, habits become automatic.

When a habit becomes automatic, it no longer takes willpower or determination to perform the habit - it simply becomes a part of you.

An artist who develops a habit of creating 6 days a week from 9a.m. to 11a.m. no longer needs willpower.

She simply wakes up every day and gets to work.

When you consciously and proactively create the right habits, willpower becomes not only unnecessary, it becomes irrelevant.

When you develop the right habits, you create powerful momentum which makes you unstoppable.