The Wounds That Scar

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The wounds that scar come from those with the sharpest knives.

And the sharpest knives are carried by those closest to us.

While it’s very natural to do so, we leave ourselves highly vulnerable when we depend on a constant flow of encouragement and positive feedback from those we care deeply about.

When someone close to us shares negative feedback on something we’ve created, those wounds cut deep.

Even worse, when they criticize the path we’re on, those wounds can leave lasting scars if we aren’t careful.

The secret to surviving those knife wounds is remembering that those closest to us usually want what’s best for us, from their point of view, which is informed and limited by their own choices, experiences and life philosophy.

It’s also important to remind yourself that you, and you alone, are on your own unique path.

The truth is, no one else is living your life.

No one else knows what it’s like to be you.

You will make good decisions and you will make mistakes - those mistakes will make you stronger.

Negative feedback from those closest to us can be very helpful if we keep the emotion out of it, keep it in perspective and see it as just another opinion to consider. 

With enough practice, you’ll master how to deflect the knife, rendering the knife powerless and incapable of leaving any scars.