The Dark and the Light

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We all have the dark and the light co-existing within us at any given moment.

Right now, you have both inspiring courage and crippling fear inside of you.

Right now, you have both boundless motivation and extreme laziness inside of you.

Right now, you have both heartfelt gratitude and an endless list of complaints inside of you.

Which parts of yourself will you choose to feed and ultimately manifest?

This is entirely up to you.

We wouldn’t know what light is without the dark just as we wouldn’t know what bravery is without fear.

The presence of these opposite forces within us and the ability to choose between them are what make us human.

Embrace all sides of yourself and express all sides of yourself within your art.

The most captivating stories ever told are stories with complex heroes who almost gave into fear and who struggled to fight the darkness that existed within them.

Right now, you can choose to be brave, motivated and grateful despite feeling fearful, unmotivated and ungrateful.