Take Your Attention Back - Take Your Power Back

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We live in an age of distraction, an age where it’s so easy to lose focus on what’s most important to you.

Your attention is your most valuable asset.

Multi-billion-dollar corporations pay very smart people a lot of money to create content specifically designed to attract and keep your attention.

Most of the time, their content isn’t meant to inspire you or to empower you - it’s meant to sell you something.

We’re hit with thousands of marketing messages a day and it’s no wonder that our attention is fragmented in a thousand different directions.

You can’t multi-task your attention - it’s either focused on what’s important for your future or it’s focused on what’s important for someone else’s future.

Clarity of purpose and protecting your attention are two of the most important factors in artist empowerment and yet they’re so rare.

The secret is to first know what you want (your purpose, your goal) and then to keep your attention focused on only those things that will empower you toward that end.

Take your attention back so that you can take your power back.