The Curse of Perfectionism

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Perfectionism is a lie that we tell ourselves when we either don’t want to do the work or are too afraid to put our work out into the world.

While an artist should always strive for excellence, perfection is an unattainable ideal.

No work of art is or will ever be perfect.

You’ll never feel that something you’re working on is perfect before or after you put it out in the world.

When you realize that your unattainable desire to be perfect is one of the biggest obstacles holding you back from actualizing your potential, you become liberated.

When your sense of self-worth as an artist is no longer dependent on others perceiving you or your art as perfect, you are free.

Perfectionism is a crutch that holds all artists back since the only way to actually get better is to do your best and put it out there. 

When you strive to be perfect, you actually become less perfect because staying in your head and continuing to work on something without getting critical feedback is the very thing that’ll keep you from improving.

Only you can cure yourself from the curse of perfectionism.

It’s time to be real, not perfect.