10 Things All Empowered Artists Must Unlearn

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1. Unlearn your need to know all of the answers before you take your first step (your way will be revealed only by taking action.)

2. Unlearn the false belief that you’ll never be good enough (you are and you will only get better.)

3. Unlearn your crippling fear of failure (in hindsight, you’ll always see your failures as gifts.)

4. Unlearn the victim mentality with which you view the world (you are a powerful agent acting upon the world, not a victim.)

5. Unlearn your fear of being yourself (why be anyone other than who you are?)

6. Unlearn your fear of other people’s opinions (people don’t care about what you create or do nearly as much as you think they do.)

7. Unlearn the messages brought forth by society urging you to buy this or that in order to feel fulfilled and happy (the only way to find lasting fulfillment and happiness is by following your true calling.)

8. Unlearn the belief that you are powerless (you wield more power than you’ll ever know.)

9. Unlearn your desire to follow other’s people’s definition of what success means (this is your life and as such, your opinion is the only opinion that matters.)

10. Unlearn your need to be perfect (embrace imperfection because imperfection is beauty and truth.)