The Two Things That Will Determine Your Success

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Your ability to make your dreams come true comes down to only two things: your mindset and your daily habits.

Many assume that their destiny is determined by factors outside of themselves.

99% of the time, this isn’t the case.

It isn’t the economy, how much money you have, what connections your parents have or how many resources you have that will determine your level of success.

It’s your mindset and what you do day in, day out.

Your mindset is your unique way of processing both your inner world and the outer world.

This is a function of how you were raised, who you spend time with, how self-reflective you are and ultimately what you feed your mind.

If you have negative thought patterns, you can change them with introspection and hard work.

Your daily habits are the second half of what determines your success.

It isn’t what you do occasionally when you’re motivated, energized and inspired that counts.

It’s what you do consistently every single day, even when you don’t feel like doing the work, that counts.

When you accept that your success hinges only on your mindset and your daily habits, you’ll shed the victim mentality and step into a more empowered sense of self.

And that’s ultimately what artist empowerment is all about.