Limiting Thoughts Are Small Boxes Inside Your Mind

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A limiting thought is a small box inside your mind.

A small box with a low ceiling.

A small box without a window.

A small box without a door.

Small boxes can get formed inside of our minds because of our parents, the people we surround ourselves with or because of our nonstop exposure to the limited thinking and messaging broadcast by society at large.

Sometimes boxes form because we quit too soon.

When a box get built and reinforced over and over again, it determines your action (or lack thereof) and ultimately limits the amount of success you can achieve.

If you believe that an artist should only be concerned with her craft and her creativity, then you’re putting yourself into a very small box.

You’re severely limiting your chances at success.

Because of this limiting thought, you’ll limit your actions, the very actions that are necessary for you to achieve success as an artist.

Only you control the sizes of the boxes inside your mind.

Expand your mind, expand your life.