Your Ambition vs. Other People's Opinions

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Who’s in the driver’s seat? 

Are your ambitions or are other people’s opinions driving your daily actions?

The moment we realize how much our lives are controlled by other people’s opinions is the moment that can lead us to a real, life-changing breakthrough.

When we realize that other people aren’t concerned with our lives nearly as much as we think they are, we’ll be free to be our truest selves.

We’ll be liberated to live life on our own terms, a life driven by our heart’s deepest desires and our most beautiful dreams.

We imagine that other people are sitting around watching and waiting to dissect our every move, eager to pounce on every misstep.

But that is simply not the case. 

The truth is that 99.99% of people you know aren’t concerned at all with what you’re doing because they’re so consumed by their own lives, by the movie playing in their own heads.

But there’s a different way to see the world. 

Imagine how free you’ll feel unburdened and unchained by your concern of what others will think of your actions.

Imagine how great you’ll feel the moment you decide that from this day forward, you’ll live life on your own terms, driven by your deepest desires and ambitions.

Your best life begins the day you let your ambition win over your concern over other people’s opinions.

That’s the breakthrough.

That’s the path of the empowered artist.