Delayed Gratification = Your Superpower

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Your ability to delay your gratification today will determine the level of success you achieve tomorrow.

This is because all great accomplishments take time and an insane amount of effort.

Becoming an empowered artist is a long game, a process that takes sustained effort.

And the effort you have to sustain is hard.

As human beings, we value the feelings that we experience today much more than we value a hypothetical idea of how we might feel tomorrow. 

It’s hard to choose to do the hard things that we know are the right things to do instead of doing the easy things that we’re all so accustomed to doing to feel immediate gratification.

Here are the hard things that are difficult to do now but will yield immeasurable results in your future: 

  • working hard on perfecting your art/craft

  • learning and expanding beyond your comfort zone on a daily basis

  • building your audience over a period of time

  • developing the mindset of an empowered artist by taking 100% responsibility for your results

Here are the easy things that are gratifying now but will yield negative results in the future: 

  • binge-watching Netflix

  • mindlessly browsing uninspiring content on social media 

  • spending time with people who have a negative influence on you  

  • choosing the mindset of a victim by blaming others, your circumstances and the world for your results (or lack thereof)

As you can see, one category is immediately gratifying and the other is difficult. The former leads to mediocre results (at best) while the latter leads to an amazing, beautiful future. 

Will you do the hard things now so that your future is easy?

The answer to that one question will determine the level of success that you will achieve as an artist.