Your Emotions = Your Rocket Fuel

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As artists, our emotions are the driving force behind everything we do.

On the creative side, our emotions are the watercolors with which we paint on the canvas.

Emotions are also critical to our motivation because our deep desire for growth is what fuels our drive to do more, to be more.

But there’s a dark side to our emotions.

If we identify too closely with them and allow them to consume us, we become their servants and they become our masters.

The truth is: you aren’t your emotions.

You’re the person who is experiencing your emotions.

As such, you get to choose how you react to them, how much power you give them, and ultimately, how you use them on your quest to become the best artist that you can become.

While an empowered artist feels the immense strength of the hurricane, she doesn’t get pushed, pulled and thrown around aimlessly in the eye of the storm.

She’s the person watching the hurricane from above and has the power to use the hurricane to her advantage, to bend it to her will.

She uses her emotions to create resonant, authentic art and to feed her desire to do more while maintaining a healthy sense of detachment from them.

An empowered artist’s emotions are her rocket fuel, the most potent source of her endless creativity, her relentless motivation and her unquenchable desire to do more, to be more.