The Mindset of an Empowered Artist

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Here are the 7 characteristics that define the mindset of an empowered artist:

1)   Absolute clarity

Without knowing where you want to go, there’s no way of getting there.

2)   Unwavering belief 

As hard as it can be to believe in yourself in the beginning and during the tough times, an empowered artist cultivates a healthy self-confidence knowing that no matter what happens, she will figure it out, she will find a way. 

3)   A growth mindset

Without an intense hunger to constantly improve and grow, we can’t develop the skills necessary to reach the next level. 

4)   Taking 100% responsibility for results

An empowered artist recognizes that she, and only she, has the power to make her dreams a reality.

5)   Motivation to take massive action

An artist can have all the talent in the world but without hunger and motivation, she won’t take the massive action necessary to make her dreams come to life.

6)   Working equally hard on her craft and building her audience

An empowered artist recognizes that being amazing at her craft is only half of the equation and she works equally hard at developing the skills necessary to build her audience.

7)   Being patient with the long-term dream while maintaining a sense of urgency to accomplish short-term goals

Short-term goals lead to long-term dreams and an empowered artist feels a sense of urgency to get done what needs to get done today but is patient and realistic about her ultimate dream.