Defining What Success Means For You

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What does success mean for you as an artist?

This is the first question to answer along the path to artist empowerment.

Too many people assume that society’s definition of success is a universal truth that applies to everyone.

It isn’t a universal truth and it doesn’t apply to everyone.

In fact, it rings hollow for many people who end up achieving it. 

That’s why you see so many people who’ve achieved society’s version of “success” who are unhappy, ungrateful and perpetually unfulfilled.

Society’s narrow definition of success is mostly focused on the acquisition of external status symbols: your home, your car, your job title and your vacations.

It completely ignores the most important elements that make up a good life: inner peace, freedom, loving what you do every single day, a sense of fulfillment that comes from working toward becoming the best version of yourself, great relationships with great people, a lasting attitude of gratitude and championing causes that are bigger than yourself.

Your own definition of success should be as creative and unique as your art - you can use every color on your paint palate and every ounce of your imagination to conjure it up.

Never forget that you’re living your own life and how other people choose to define success doesn’t need to have any bearing on how you choose to live your life.

The first step toward artist empowerment is discovering your own definition of success, a definition that’s bigger than society’s narrow definition, one that resonates deep within your soul.

What does success mean for you?