The Unlimited Power of Gratitude

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Gratitude is one of the most empowering states of mind on the path to success.

We often become so consumed with what we believe we don’t have and what we wish were different that we forget to notice the beautiful world overflowing with miracles all around us.

While having a healthy sense of ambition is critical to success, if it isn’t balanced by gratitude, we rob ourselves of all of the joy in the present moment.

The truth is that a sense of joy and inner peace is available to all of us, at every single moment.

Living a life where all you perceive is what you lack leaves you feeling empty and unfulfilled.

When you feel grateful for all that you already have, you can strive for greater levels of success from a place of joy and inner peace.

An artist who strives for higher and higher levels of success while feeling grateful for all that she has in this moment is unstoppable.

Grateful energy is magnetic and contagious - it draws to you the people and resources that will help you take your life to the next level.

So don’t rob yourself of the joy available to you in this moment by constantly comparing yourself to others and thinking about all that you wish were different.

Instead, choose to see this moment as the blessing that it is by viewing it through the beautiful lens of gratitude.