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The Unlimited Power of Gratitude

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Gratitude is one of the most empowering states of mind on the path to success.

We often become so consumed with what we believe we don’t have and what we wish were different that we forget to notice the beautiful world overflowing with miracles all around us.

While having a healthy sense of ambition is critical to success, if it isn’t balanced by gratitude, we rob ourselves of all of the joy in the present moment.

The truth is that a sense of joy and inner peace is available to all of us, at every single moment.

Living a life where all you perceive is what you lack leaves you feeling empty and unfulfilled.

When you feel grateful for all that you already have, you can strive for greater levels of success from a place of joy and inner peace.

An artist who strives for higher and higher levels of success while feeling grateful for all that she has in this moment is unstoppable.

Grateful energy is magnetic and contagious - it draws to you the people and resources that will help you take your life to the next level.

So don’t rob yourself of the joy available to you in this moment by constantly comparing yourself to others and thinking about all that you wish were different.

Instead, choose to see this moment as the blessing that it is by viewing it through the beautiful lens of gratitude.

Defining What Success Means For You

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What does success mean for you as an artist?

This is the first question to answer along the path to artist empowerment.

Too many people assume that society’s definition of success is a universal truth that applies to everyone.

It isn’t a universal truth and it doesn’t apply to everyone.

In fact, it rings hollow for many people who end up achieving it. 

That’s why you see so many people who’ve achieved society’s version of “success” who are unhappy, ungrateful and perpetually unfulfilled.

Society’s narrow definition of success is mostly focused on the acquisition of external status symbols: your home, your car, your job title and your vacations.

It completely ignores the most important elements that make up a good life: inner peace, freedom, loving what you do every single day, a sense of fulfillment that comes from working toward becoming the best version of yourself, great relationships with great people, a lasting attitude of gratitude and championing causes that are bigger than yourself.

Your own definition of success should be as creative and unique as your art - you can use every color on your paint palate and every ounce of your imagination to conjure it up.

Never forget that you’re living your own life and how other people choose to define success doesn’t need to have any bearing on how you choose to live your life.

The first step toward artist empowerment is discovering your own definition of success, a definition that’s bigger than society’s narrow definition, one that resonates deep within your soul.

What does success mean for you?

Listen to Your Restlessness

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Listen to your restlessness, it’s telling you something.

It’s telling you that there’s something more out there for you.

It’s telling you that there’s something more in you.

Your restlessness often points to the calling inside your soul.

When I was 17, I was accepted to a top university in Los Angeles as a pre-med student.

I thought I wanted to be a doctor.

As excited and grateful as I was for the opportunity, there was a restlessness inside of me that told a different story.

When I was 21, I was accepted to the top law schools in Los Angeles with scholarship offers. 

I thought I wanted to be a lawyer.

Yet again, that same restlessness inside of me told a different story.

The best decision I made in my life was to listen to that restlessness - to follow the path that called my soul.

Was it easy?

Of course not.

Did people around me think I was crazy to turn away such great opportunities to become a doctor or a lawyer?

Many did.

Did those decisions lead me down a much less predictable path, a road far less travelled?


But those difficult decisions ultimately led me to where I am now - a beautiful place where I get to live life on my own terms and to live my soul’s calling every single day.

Had I not listened to my restlessness, I would have probably been an unfulfilled doctor or lawyer today.

While becoming a doctor or a lawyer is a great path for others, and perhaps a soul’s calling for smaller percentage of them, my path was very different.

My path wasn’t very obvious to me at first - it was only revealed through listening to that restlessness deep inside of me.

Listen to your restlessness, it just might lead you to the life of your dreams.

Your Emotions = Your Rocket Fuel

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As artists, our emotions are the driving force behind everything we do.

On the creative side, our emotions are the watercolors with which we paint on the canvas.

Emotions are also critical to our motivation because our deep desire for growth is what fuels our drive to do more, to be more.

But there’s a dark side to our emotions.

If we identify too closely with them and allow them to consume us, we become their servants and they become our masters.

The truth is: you aren’t your emotions.

You’re the person who is experiencing your emotions.

As such, you get to choose how you react to them, how much power you give them, and ultimately, how you use them on your quest to become the best artist that you can become.

While an empowered artist feels the immense strength of the hurricane, she doesn’t get pushed, pulled and thrown around aimlessly in the eye of the storm.

She’s the person watching the hurricane from above and has the power to use the hurricane to her advantage, to bend it to her will.

She uses her emotions to create resonant, authentic art and to feed her desire to do more while maintaining a healthy sense of detachment from them.

An empowered artist’s emotions are her rocket fuel, the most potent source of her endless creativity, her relentless motivation and her unquenchable desire to do more, to be more. 

Delayed Gratification = Your Superpower

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Your ability to delay your gratification today will determine the level of success you achieve tomorrow.

This is because all great accomplishments take time and an insane amount of effort.

Becoming an empowered artist is a long game, a process that takes sustained effort.

And the effort you have to sustain is hard.

As human beings, we value the feelings that we experience today much more than we value a hypothetical idea of how we might feel tomorrow. 

It’s hard to choose to do the hard things that we know are the right things to do instead of doing the easy things that we’re all so accustomed to doing to feel immediate gratification.

Here are the hard things that are difficult to do now but will yield immeasurable results in your future: 

  • working hard on perfecting your art/craft

  • learning and expanding beyond your comfort zone on a daily basis

  • building your audience over a period of time

  • developing the mindset of an empowered artist by taking 100% responsibility for your results

Here are the easy things that are gratifying now but will yield negative results in the future: 

  • binge-watching Netflix

  • mindlessly browsing uninspiring content on social media 

  • spending time with people who have a negative influence on you  

  • choosing the mindset of a victim by blaming others, your circumstances and the world for your results (or lack thereof)

As you can see, one category is immediately gratifying and the other is difficult. The former leads to mediocre results (at best) while the latter leads to an amazing, beautiful future. 

Will you do the hard things now so that your future is easy?

The answer to that one question will determine the level of success that you will achieve as an artist.

The Mindset of an Empowered Artist

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Here are the 7 characteristics that define the mindset of an empowered artist:

1)   Absolute clarity

Without knowing where you want to go, there’s no way of getting there.

2)   Unwavering belief 

As hard as it can be to believe in yourself in the beginning and during the tough times, an empowered artist cultivates a healthy self-confidence knowing that no matter what happens, she will figure it out, she will find a way. 

3)   A growth mindset

Without an intense hunger to constantly improve and grow, we can’t develop the skills necessary to reach the next level. 

4)   Taking 100% responsibility for results

An empowered artist recognizes that she, and only she, has the power to make her dreams a reality.

5)   Motivation to take massive action

An artist can have all the talent in the world but without hunger and motivation, she won’t take the massive action necessary to make her dreams come to life.

6)   Working equally hard on her craft and building her audience

An empowered artist recognizes that being amazing at her craft is only half of the equation and she works equally hard at developing the skills necessary to build her audience.

7)   Being patient with the long-term dream while maintaining a sense of urgency to accomplish short-term goals

Short-term goals lead to long-term dreams and an empowered artist feels a sense of urgency to get done what needs to get done today but is patient and realistic about her ultimate dream.

Patience: The Ultimate Gift You Can Give Yourself

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We live in a rushed world speeding every faster as each new sun rises.

A world that values instant results, now.

In such a world, the ultimate gift you can give yourself is the gift of patience.

So many things have to come together to manifest the life of your dreams. 

Building the life of your dreams takes time.

You have to be patient with the process.

You have to give yourself the time to experiment, to try, to fail, and to get back up again.

But you also have to be patient with yourself.

It takes time to acquire all of the skills, the experience and the wisdom to manifest the life of your dreams.

Be kind to yourself.

Be patient with your process.

Some things will come easier to you and some things will take more time.

Don’t make it harder than it needs to be by being unkind and impatient with yourself. 

And never compare how fast your journey progresses to the journeys of other people around you.

Accept your beautiful journey as yours, and yours alone, and trust that the process will take time. 

The Psychology of Haters (And Why They Don't Deserve a Minute of Your Time)

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I sincerely believe that most people want to respond positively to something that someone else has poured their heart and soul into.

That’s because most people are generally cooperative, have empathy and don’t perceive the success of others as an existential threat.

Haters are a different breed altogether.

They’re socially challenged, sad individuals who think that trashing other people’s work will somehow fill the vast emptiness in their hearts.

They’re those unfortunate souls who don’t have the courage to create anything themselves.

If haters had the courage to create, they wouldn’t be spending their precious time judging and trashing the work of others because they’d be too busy creating.

When you shine a light upon haters and see them as they truly are, you’ll see small-minded, angry and lonely people who will probably never contribute anything meaningful to society.

When you view haters as a small minority of sad, socially-challenged individuals, you’ll realize that they don’t deserve to occupy even a sliver of a moment of your time.

Haters will always hate because it’s the easiest thing to do.

There’s nothing easier than sitting on the sidelines and criticizing the work of those who’ve spent years working on their craft and creating their art.

But what they don’t understand is that the future belongs to those who have the courage to create because that’s what the world rewards.

The world rewards creators not haters so don’t spend another moment of your precious time worrying about those sad souls who have nothing better to do but to criticize you and your soul’s work

The Courage to Bet Everything on Yourself

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The path of the empowered artist requires the courage to bet everything on yourself.

The courage to believe that you have the power to design your future, to decide how much of your greatness you will actualize.

The courage to believe that you’re worth it.

The courage to ignore the irrelevant distractions, the negativity and the soul-sucking drama that ensnares so many people’s waking hours.

The courage to believe that you deserve to give it your best, to become your best, day in, day out.

The courage to believe that with enough determined action, you will find a way to make your dreams come true.

The courage to believe that your life will get better only when you become better.

The courage to believe that what’s written on your soul deserves to be exposed.

The courage to take a stand for whatever it is that you believe in.

The courage to be a voice for those who don’t have a voice.

Do you have the courage to bet everything on yourself?

Proof That You're On the Right Path: You're Afraid

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What would happen if you chose to run in the direction of your fears instead of running away from them?

You would achieve more than you could ever imagine.

If you aren’t afraid, you’re settling.

You’re settling for what’s comfortable.

You’re settling for the status quo.

You aren’t stretching yourself beyond your comfort zone.

You’re choosing comfort over growth.

High levels of success don’t come from being comfortable.

Success is a result of constantly pushing up against your current walls and breaking through them, day in, day out. 

And that’s uncomfortable.

You can’t be both comfortable and continue to achieve higher and higher levels of success - you have to choose.

If you run away from your fear, you’ll stay exactly where you are.

If you run towards your fear, your fear will reveal the door to your next level of success.

The path of the empowered artist is the path of bravery, of choosing to run toward your fear every single day.

Instead of seeing fear as something to be avoided at all costs, see it instead as a sign that you’re exactly where you need to be.

Your Ambition vs. Other People's Opinions

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Who’s in the driver’s seat? 

Are your ambitions or are other people’s opinions driving your daily actions?

The moment we realize how much our lives are controlled by other people’s opinions is the moment that can lead us to a real, life-changing breakthrough.

When we realize that other people aren’t concerned with our lives nearly as much as we think they are, we’ll be free to be our truest selves.

We’ll be liberated to live life on our own terms, a life driven by our heart’s deepest desires and our most beautiful dreams.

We imagine that other people are sitting around watching and waiting to dissect our every move, eager to pounce on every misstep.

But that is simply not the case. 

The truth is that 99.99% of people you know aren’t concerned at all with what you’re doing because they’re so consumed by their own lives, by the movie playing in their own heads.

But there’s a different way to see the world. 

Imagine how free you’ll feel unburdened and unchained by your concern of what others will think of your actions.

Imagine how great you’ll feel the moment you decide that from this day forward, you’ll live life on your own terms, driven by your deepest desires and ambitions.

Your best life begins the day you let your ambition win over your concern over other people’s opinions.

That’s the breakthrough.

That’s the path of the empowered artist.

Learn to Love the Process

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In a society obsessed with outcomes, when you learn to love the process, you become unstoppable. 

While you have to set a goal and be energized by it, your obsession has to be with the steps that you need to take to get there, not the goal itself.

More specifically, the focus of your obsession has to be the present moment and what you need to do to make “today” incredible.

The most important question you can ask yourself every morning is: what am I going to do today to move my life toward the fulfillment of my dreams?

And once you answer that question, you have to take massive action. 

When you string together enough amazing days, weeks and months, the outcome will take care of itself.

In fact, the only way to get to your outcome is to string together enough days of massive action toward that outcome.

Too many of us are only focused on the end goal which makes us discouraged on a day-to-day basis because the end goal appears so far in the distance.

Instead, learn to honor the process, to honor the struggle and to love the journey because 99.99% percent of your time will be spent “in the process” and only .01% of your time will be spent enjoying the outcome.

Learning to love the process will not only make you more effective at achieving your outcome, it’ll allow you to actually enjoy the beautiful process of getting there.

Perfectionism Can Be Fatal

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We’ve all been there before.

We believe that with just one more tweak and one more improvement, our art will be perfect.

3 months go by and no matter how hard we try, we never reach that “perfect” standard.

Perfection is an unachievable standard because nothing a human creates will ever be without flaws.

Also, the idea of “perfect” is so subjective that you’ll always be your own worst critic and continue tinkering with a work of art that might be incredible because of your unreasonably high standards. 

What perfectionism really does is mask our fear of putting ourselves out there.

It masks our fear that other’s won’t love our work and accept us.

That terrifies us and as such, we either endlessly procrastinate or keep our work locked behind closed doors and keep tinkering with it until we get bored with it and move on. 

Striving for excellence means doing the best you can while recognizing that nothing will ever be perfect.

When you’re at 95% and you have to spend another 3 months to get your work of art closer to 100%, that’s perfectionism at work - that’s your fear of rejection at work.

Your art will benefit 1,000 times more by putting your work out there when it’s at 95% than it will if you sit alone behind closed doors for three months trying to take it from 95% to 100%.

Because you’ll never get to 100% and you just wasted 3 months trying to do so.

But if you put your work out there, you’ll get invaluable feedback which will drastically improve your craft and your artistic intuition for the next time around.

To clarify, always shoot for the moon when creating - always try to meet your reasonable standard of excellence.

And if something doesn’t meet your reasonable standard of excellence, don’t release it.

But too often, our standard of excellence is “perfection,” which is an unreasonable and unachievable standard. 

So always do your best.

Hold yourself to the highest, yet reasonable, standards. 

Learn to recognize when your work is good enough for release.

Our perfectionism isn’t a badge of honor, it’s a mask, and it’s time to take off the mask and show the world our true selves by being brave enough to release more and more of our art.

Create. Release. Learn. Repeat.

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1) Create.

2) Release.

3) Learn.

4) Repeat.

As simple as this process sounds, each one of these steps can feel like you’re climbing a mountain.

But these are the necessary steps along the path to artist empowerment.

Despite her fear, an empowered artist creates constantly, puts her best work out there, learns the lessons that she needs to learn and repeats the process. 

With each completion of the cycle, she becomes better and better at both the craft of creating resonant art and the craft of marketing her art.

Without compromising quality, the more often she goes through the cycle, the quicker she will reach her destination.

Create, release, learn and repeat. 

Do this right and your dreams will become reality sooner than you could ever imagine.

The One Thing That Sparks Creativity More Than Anything Else

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The one thing that sparks creativity more than anything else is your ability to will yourself to start creating even when you don’t feel like it.

The most dangerous myth in the arts is that creativity comes out of nowhere, like a divine spark of lightning that hits the lucky few who happen to be at the right place at the right time.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

And nothing could be more disempowering.

The most creative people in the world aren’t those who feel the most inspired, they are those who are creating constantly, regardless of how they feel.

Even if they don’t feel “creative,” they will themselves into action.

By simply getting behind a piano and hitting some keys, they set forces into motion that compel them to finish what they started.

The simple act of getting started is the key because 99% of the time, motivation and inspiration come after you start.

Don’t wait for the moment when you feel motivated and inspired - will yourself into that state.

Simply put: creativity is a habit.

The more you will yourself to create, the stronger the habit gets and the more creative you become.

An Artist's Secret Weapon: Self-Regulation

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The biggest predictor of your success in 2019 will be whether or not you can make yourself do the things that you know you need to do to achieve your dreams.

Self-regulation is the secret weapon for all empowered artists.

You can be crystal-clear about your goals, you may know the exact steps you’ll need to take to achieve them, but if you can’t compel yourself to do what needs to be done, your dreams will simply remain fairy tales that never become real.

Intentions are beautiful but what you actually do is the only thing that truly matters.

This year, will you cultivate the habit of following through on your intentions?

Will you do the hard things when you have so many easy, more enjoyable things that you’d prefer to do? 

Dream big.


Compel yourself into massive action.

The world is yours. 

The Most Important Word of 2019: Becoming

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Let’s make 2019 a year of becoming.

Becoming the most intentional version of ourselves.

Becoming the most focused version of ourselves.

Becoming the most confident version of ourselves.

Becoming the most fearless version of ourselves.

Becoming the most passionate version of ourselves.

Becoming the most creative version of ourselves.

Becoming the most productive version of ourselves.

Becoming the most skilled version of ourselves.

Becoming the most centered version of ourselves.

Becoming the most compassionate version of ourselves.

Becoming the most connected version of ourselves.

In short, let’s make this year all about doing everything we need to do to become the best version of ourselves.





Give Yourself the Permission You Crave

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You don’t need anyone’s permission to take the leap.

You don’t need anyone’s permission to follow your soul’s calling.

You don’t need anyone’s permission to pursue the life of your dreams.

There’s a difference between seeking support from those around you and seeking their permission.

We all want to feel supported by our loved ones.

Positive support not only feels great, it can add that extra bit of fuel when you need it the most.

Some people around you will support you and others won’t.

Even though it hurts when you don’t get the support from someone whose support you crave, you can always find support elsewhere, from someone else.

Permission is different.

Permission is an all or nothing proposition.

Deep down inside, if you seek the permission of others to pursue the life of your dreams, you’re completely giving your power away.

If they give you the permission you seek, then you’ll move forward.

If they don’t, you’re paralyzed.

Either way, you’re letting someone else determine the course of your life.

This is your life and yours alone.

You don’t need anyone else’s permission to follow your dreams.

Give yourself that permission.

Because your dreams are worth it.

Because you’re worth it.

You Can't Please Everyone (So Stop Trying)

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There’s no such thing as a piece of art that’s loved by everyone.


Because everyone is different.

We all have different tastes, desires and dreams.

As such, trying to create art that everyone will love will likely result in a watered-down work of art that lacks authenticity and emotional resonance.

Instead, strive to create art that comes from deep within your soul.

That’s the difference between art that resonates that art that doesn’t.

Art that resonates has something real behind it.

Art that resonates wasn’t created to be loved by everyone.

It’s art that comes from a deep place, crafted by real craftsmanship that has been developed over years of hard work.

The empowered artist isn’t trying to please everyone.

The empowered artist has a point of view to share.

She’s liberated in knowing that her job is to create real, authentic art that matters deeply to her and to work equally hard to build an audience around that work.

Everyone else’s opinion doesn’t matter.

The Art of Becoming

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Artist empowerment isn’t about reaching a destination, it’s a continuous process of becoming.

Becoming the best version of yourself.

Becoming better today than you were yesterday.

And repeating that process, every single day.

When you realize that your big goal is just a milestone along your journey to becoming, you can allow yourself the pleasure of celebrating all of the small wins along the way.

There’ll be good days and there’ll be bad days.

Celebrate the good days and learn from the bad days.

When you take a moment to really feel a sense of accomplishment for the small wins along the way, you’ll not only feel a tremendous sense of momentum, you’ll also enjoy the journey a lot more.

You can’t climb a 20,000 foot mountain without first climbing 1,000 feet.

When you reach the first 1,000 feet, don’t forget to celebrate the fact that you just climbed 1,000 feet and are well on your way to the mountaintop.

Be patient with yourself and be kind to yourself.

It’s a long journey and you deserve the pleasure and self-love that comes with celebrating your small wins.

Put together enough small wins and you’ll soon find yourself living the life of your dreams.