Bet on Yourself, Always

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Bet on your unique gifts.

Bet on your creative potential.

Bet on your passion.

Bet on your vision.

Bet on that fire inside of you that pulls you toward your dream.

Bet on your ability to improve yourself.

Bet on your ability to learn what you need to learn.

Bet on the good people around you who will help you when you need it.

Bet on your ability to get up when you fall.

Bet on your ability to survive heartbreak, rejection and failure.

Bet on your ability to design the life of your dreams.

Bet on your unlimited power to live life on your own terms.

Bet on yourself, always.

The Two A's of Artist Empowerment

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1) Art

2) Audience

To become an empowered artist, you need to not only create amazing art, you also need to build an engaged audience for and around your art.

The sooner you accept that you, and only you, are responsible for both pillars of artist empowerment, the sooner you’ll begin to live into your destiny. 

The most powerful, resonant and compelling art ever created doesn’t mean anything if there’s no audience for that art.

Similarly, the largest, most engaged and deeply passionate audience doesn’t mean anything if the art you’re creating isn’t great.

Create powerful art.

Build an engaged audience.

It’s really that simple.

But that doesn’t mean it’s easy.

You Aren't Your History

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You aren’t your history.

You aren’t your past.

You’re much bigger than that.

In no way are you limited today by what you did yesterday.

While yesterday led to your experience of today, yesterday is just a memory in your mind. 

And your memories only have power over you if you focus on them.

But today is real.

Today you can decide to take charge of your future.

Today you can learn a different way, a better way to achieve all that you desire. 

Today you can start acting like the person you want to become. 

It’s only through adopting a new mindset and taking new actions today that you’ll become the person you’re capable of becoming tomorrow.

So forget yesterday, it no longer exists.

All that exists is this moment.

You, and only you, have the power to decide to start acting your dream into reality, right now.

Today is yours.

Own it.

The Secret to Creative Freedom

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Creative discipline leads to creative freedom.

Inspiration rarely strikes unless you put in the effort.

Creativity doesn’t fall from the sky like a bolt of lightning out of nowhere.

To be more inspired, be more disciplined.

The more you open up your journal and commit to the disciplined habit of writing, the more likely it is that the next thing you create will be fresh, inspired and new.

Take charge of your inspiration.

Create disciplines around your creative work.

When you’re shooting for the stars, you have to take a lot of shots.

Discipline creates the habits necessary for you to consistently keep taking shots.

And you never know, your next shot could take you to the stars and beyond.

Heartbreak, Scars and Breakthroughs

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The heartbreak.

The scars.

The breakdowns. 

The breakthroughs.

These are the stories that make us real.

These are the stories that make us human.

Just as experiencing heartbreak is often the path to finding true love, you can’t achieve breakthroughs in your life without going through breakdowns.

As hard as it can be sometimes, we all have to learn to embrace the difficult moments as these are the moments that will define us.

The moments when things get so hard that quitting seems like the only option - these are the moments that will define us.

The moments when every door seems to slam right in our faces - these are the moments that will define us.

Embrace your heartbreaks, your scars and your breakdowns as these will lead you to your breakthroughs and will ultimately define your rich and compelling life story.

They will also ensure that your ultimate success tastes that much sweeter

Accountability is the Key to Artist Empowerment

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The moment you look outside of yourself to explain why you aren’t where you want to be is the moment that you lose your power.

When you blame circumstances outside of yourself to explain why you haven’t achieved what you desire, you severely limit your potential.

It isn’t the economy.

It isn’t your childhood.

It isn’t the fact that your parents aren’t executives at major record labels.

We live in a society where it’s fashionable to complain about how hard it is, how the odds are stacked against us and to talk more about what others are doing than to actually do the work required to make our own dreams come true.

If you aren’t where you want to be, the answer can be found in only one place: the mirror.

To change your circumstances, you have to change yourself.

And the only way to change yourself is to take 100% responsibility, to be 100% accountable to yourself for your results.

I believe in our unlimited power to create the lives that we desire. 

We give away that power each time we blame others or blame our circumstances.

You have the power, own it.

Belief Isn't Enough

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Believing in yourself is necessary but it isn’t enough.

You can say every positive affirmation, read every inspiring book and genuinely believe in yourself - it still isn’t enough.

It isn’t enough because beliefs live in your head and in your heart, not in the real world.

Success is achieved in the real world, not in your head and heart.

Believing is only half of the equation.

You need to act your dream into reality.

Believing in yourself while taking consistent, inspired action toward your dreams is the only way to make your dreams a reality.

It’s all about getting out of your head and showing up in the real world.

That’s where success happens.

That’s where dreams come true.

Be Patient With Yourself

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Be patient with yourself.

Be kind to yourself.

Remember that we all have to start somewhere.

Remember that growth requires you to step outside of your comfort zone, which is always uncomfortable.

You will doubt yourself - the trick is to push yourself into taking action anyway.

Everything you try isn’t going to work but the act of trying is a huge success in and of itself.

When you stumble, talk to yourself with loving kindness, as if you were talking to a good friend.

Celebrate every action that you take toward making your dreams a reality.

Strive for greatness but don’t be too hard on yourself along the way.

Artist empowerment takes time.

Be patient with yourself and learn to love the journey. 

Your Highest Self

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Artist empowerment comes down to one simple question: how often are you acting from your highest sense of self?

How often are you bold, inspired, wise, authentic, courageous, creative, collaborative and action-oriented?

If you show up as your highest self consistently, artist empowerment will inevitably follow.

Your life is a string of interconnected moments.

How you show up in every moment is completely up to you.

No one but you can determine the level of passion, energy, inspiration, creativity, authenticity and courageous action that you bring to each moment. 

And therein lies your immense power: the power to choose how you will show up in each and every moment of your life.

Limiting Thoughts Are Small Boxes Inside Your Mind

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A limiting thought is a small box inside your mind.

A small box with a low ceiling.

A small box without a window.

A small box without a door.

Small boxes can get formed inside of our minds because of our parents, the people we surround ourselves with or because of our nonstop exposure to the limited thinking and messaging broadcast by society at large.

Sometimes boxes form because we quit too soon.

When a box get built and reinforced over and over again, it determines your action (or lack thereof) and ultimately limits the amount of success you can achieve.

If you believe that an artist should only be concerned with her craft and her creativity, then you’re putting yourself into a very small box.

You’re severely limiting your chances at success.

Because of this limiting thought, you’ll limit your actions, the very actions that are necessary for you to achieve success as an artist.

Only you control the sizes of the boxes inside your mind.

Expand your mind, expand your life.

If You Aren't Scared, You Aren't Growing

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If you aren’t scared, you aren’t growing.

If you aren’t terrified, then your goals aren’t ambitious enough.

Despite what most people think, fear is a good sign that shows that you’re moving in the right direction.

It’s proof that you’re pushing up against the limits of your comfort zone, the only way to break through to the next level.

Fear shows you the way forward, what you need to do, your next step toward making your dreams a reality.

While most people run from fear like it’s a disease, empowered artists run toward and through their fear.

Embrace that which terrifies you because if you aren’t scared, you aren’t growing.

No More Drama

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An empowered artist has no time for drama.

She has no time for meaningless conversations. 

She has no time to sit around and listen to other people’s complaints.

She has no time for negativity.

She has no time for people who discourage her from following the calling within her soul.

She has no time to talk about what other people are doing because she’s so busy creating the life of her dreams.

If you want to achieve greatness, you need to walk away from toxic people and toxic environments.

If you want to achieve greatness, you need to let go of negative people who aren’t encouraging you and who view the world as victims.

The easiest thing in the world to do is to complain, to criticize, to gossip and to get involved in other people’s drama.

Instead, empower yourself by refusing to participate in drama and focus on following your soul’s calling, on making your dreams a reality.


What Makes You Different?

What makes you different?  Taking the time to answer this question is one of the most important exercises that you can do as an artist.  Here are ten questions to get your creative juices flowing:  1) Where do you come from?  2) What lights you up?   3) What is it about you that makes your story compelling?  4) What do you stand for?  5) What do you stand against?  6) What made you decide to become an artist?  7) What struggles have you had to overcome that define who you are?  8) What struggles are you currently going through?  9) Was there a point at which you were almost ready to give up?  10) What message would you like to impart upon the world?

What makes you different?

Taking the time to answer this question is one of the most important exercises that you can do as an artist.

Here are ten questions to get your creative juices flowing:

1) Where do you come from?

2) What lights you up? 

3) What is it about you that makes your story compelling?

4) What do you stand for?

5) What do you stand against?

6) What made you decide to become an artist?

7) What struggles have you had to overcome that define who you are?

8) What struggles are you currently going through?

9) Was there a point at which you were almost ready to give up?

10) What message would you like to impart upon the world?

The Two Things That Will Determine Your Success

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Your ability to make your dreams come true comes down to only two things: your mindset and your daily habits.

Many assume that their destiny is determined by factors outside of themselves.

99% of the time, this isn’t the case.

It isn’t the economy, how much money you have, what connections your parents have or how many resources you have that will determine your level of success.

It’s your mindset and what you do day in, day out.

Your mindset is your unique way of processing both your inner world and the outer world.

This is a function of how you were raised, who you spend time with, how self-reflective you are and ultimately what you feed your mind.

If you have negative thought patterns, you can change them with introspection and hard work.

Your daily habits are the second half of what determines your success.

It isn’t what you do occasionally when you’re motivated, energized and inspired that counts.

It’s what you do consistently every single day, even when you don’t feel like doing the work, that counts.

When you accept that your success hinges only on your mindset and your daily habits, you’ll shed the victim mentality and step into a more empowered sense of self.

And that’s ultimately what artist empowerment is all about.

A Culture of Distraction

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Never before has it been so easy to be distracted as it is today.

We truly live in a culture of distraction.

We’re interrupted by marketing messages hundreds of times a day.

Our phones are with us 24/7 and at any given moment, it’s highly likely that a notification is going off for a text, an email or a call.

There’s always something shiny and new to discover on social media.

In fact, it’s that novelty which makes it so addictive.

In this constant state of distraction, it’s no wonder that so many people aren’t reaching their fullest potential.

It takes very clear intentionality to keep oneself from being distracted.

It takes strong conviction to draw a line and say: I’m going to focus on my ultimate goals and remove all distractions from my life.

To create powerful and resonant art, we need to carve out large blocks of uninterrupted time to focus, to produce and to improve.

We need to go deep which is impossible if we’re distracted.

What would happen if you spent 3-4 hours a day doing deep, focused work toward making your dreams a reality instead of wasting 3-4 hours binge-watching shows and mindlessly browsing on social media?

Here’s what will happen: your dreams will come true.



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1.   Be yourself, unapologetically. 

2.   Accept full responsibility for your growth and your success.

3.   Spend as much time building your tribe of followers as you do creating powerful, resonant art. 

4.   Seek clarity and define your ultimate goal.

5.   Let your ultimate goal guide your daily actions.

6.   Make sure your mindset and belief system are serving you.

7.   Once your mindset is on point, create habits and routines that create momentum towards your ultimate goal. 

8.   Wage a bloody war against your fears, step outside of your comfort zone and take massive action every single day.

9.   View failure as the beautiful gift that it is.

10.  Always remember that the journey is the destination. 

Taking Ownership = Reclaiming Your Power

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Taking ownership means being 100% accountable to yourself for your results.

Taking ownerships means taking responsibility for your own education and growth.

Taking ownership means owning your schedule.

Taking ownership means owning your part in any failure.

Taking ownership means learning from your mistakes.

Taking ownership means forever shedding your victim mentality.

Taking ownership means taking control of all that you can control.

Taking ownership means reclaiming your power to become all that you were meant to become.


10 Things All Empowered Artists Must Unlearn

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1. Unlearn your need to know all of the answers before you take your first step (your way will be revealed only by taking action.)

2. Unlearn the false belief that you’ll never be good enough (you are and you will only get better.)

3. Unlearn your crippling fear of failure (in hindsight, you’ll always see your failures as gifts.)

4. Unlearn the victim mentality with which you view the world (you are a powerful agent acting upon the world, not a victim.)

5. Unlearn your fear of being yourself (why be anyone other than who you are?)

6. Unlearn your fear of other people’s opinions (people don’t care about what you create or do nearly as much as you think they do.)

7. Unlearn the messages brought forth by society urging you to buy this or that in order to feel fulfilled and happy (the only way to find lasting fulfillment and happiness is by following your true calling.)

8. Unlearn the belief that you are powerless (you wield more power than you’ll ever know.)

9. Unlearn your desire to follow other’s people’s definition of what success means (this is your life and as such, your opinion is the only opinion that matters.)

10. Unlearn your need to be perfect (embrace imperfection because imperfection is beauty and truth.)

Take Your Attention Back - Take Your Power Back

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We live in an age of distraction, an age where it’s so easy to lose focus on what’s most important to you.

Your attention is your most valuable asset.

Multi-billion-dollar corporations pay very smart people a lot of money to create content specifically designed to attract and keep your attention.

Most of the time, their content isn’t meant to inspire you or to empower you - it’s meant to sell you something.

We’re hit with thousands of marketing messages a day and it’s no wonder that our attention is fragmented in a thousand different directions.

You can’t multi-task your attention - it’s either focused on what’s important for your future or it’s focused on what’s important for someone else’s future.

Clarity of purpose and protecting your attention are two of the most important factors in artist empowerment and yet they’re so rare.

The secret is to first know what you want (your purpose, your goal) and then to keep your attention focused on only those things that will empower you toward that end.

Take your attention back so that you can take your power back.

Own Your Evolution

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An empowered artist takes responsibility for her own evolution.

No one but you can force yourself to stay in on a Friday night and write lyrics.

No one but you can force yourself to get rid of people around you who are holding you back.

No one but you can force yourself to read a life-changing book instead of binge-watching Netflix.

No one but you can force yourself out of the safety of your comfort zone.

Evolution requires stepping into the unknown.

Evolution requires questioning the beliefs that hold you back.

Evolution requires sacrifice.

Evolution requires pain.

Evolution ultimately means looking yourself in the mirror and knowing that you must evolve to transcend your current circumstances. 

You can either take charge of your own evolution or stop evolving altogether - the choice is yours.